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Sheepskin Boot Liners

Sorel Boot Liners

Once you've tried these sheepskin boot liners, you'll never want to go back to felt liners that rip, disintegrate, and just don't keep your feet warm. Natural sheepskin - just the way it grew on the sheep - with thick 3/4 inch wool fleece for warmth, and leather for durability, is nature's best insulation from the cold. Wool wicks away moisture, keeping your feet warm and dry. These liners are designed to fit in pac or snowmobile boots (Sorel or similiar brand) that take a 1/2 inch (or thicker) felt liner. Remove from your boots at night for easy drying.

Special note: Boot liners are made to fit you. If you want them to also fit in your boots, the boots must be the type that accommodates a one-half to three-quarter inch thick liner. Many Sorel and Sorel-type boots, mukluk style boots, and boots which take a foam liner, will work with our sheepskin liners. Rubber rain / barn boots, wellingtons, and other warm weather boots are generally NOT designed with enough room around the foot to accomodate a sheepskin liner. The sheepskin used in these is warm and thick (approx five-eighths inch). It will pack down some, so it is normal for the liners to fit quite snugly at first. Wearing them around the house barefoot for a few days will help them take the shape of your feet.

Price: $64.00

*Optional (for custom fitting)

Draw around your foot barefoot or wearing a thin sock. Measure the tracing (see diagram at left) at the widest and longest points and give us the measurements in inches.

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Sheepskin Insoles (not pictured)

These cozy 3/4" thick sheepskin insoles are the same as what we put in our slippers and boot liners. They will cushion and insulate boots and slippers, wick away moisture, and help keep feet warm and comfortable. Very nice in rubber boots too. May be cut with scissors for custom fitting, and glued in if desired. Please specify size.
Price: $15.00
Select size :